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Marc Njeim


Marc Njeim Consultancy offers a wide spectrum of engineering, advisory and legal services related to the petroleum and energy industries under the umbrella of environmental equality. Our services include reserves estimation, reservoir delimitation and petroleum decarbonization. 

Marc Njeim is a Washington State University Alumni bringing over 15 years of O&G experience having tapped into the world's richest O&G reserves throughout the Middle-East, Asia-Pacific, West Africa and West-Texas. He is an expert in horizontal drilling, geo-steering and formation evaluation. His rich experience in reservoir exploration, delimitation and evaluation incentivized him to earn a legal degree from Queen Mary University of London specializing in transboundary unitization agreements. Marc Njeim Consultancy deals with Bechara, Zaatar & Associates Law Firm in Beirut for legal matters related to the energy sector and have allied with Ramirez Abogados & Consultores Aliados to strengthen the offered services and to establish presence in Latin America. Mr. Njeim also lectures petroleum courses at several leading universities in Lebanon.

        - Reservoir Exploration and Delimitation
        - Transboundary Unitization Agreements
        - Reserve Evaluation
        - Offshore Operations
        - Geosteering Technologies
        - Drilling Contracts
        - Horizontal Drilling


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