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The All-Energies Africa Summit and Exhibition looks to unite all energies in one place and support an inclusive and sustainable energy future across the continent.

All Energies Africa (AEA 2022) is brought to you by Energy Private Developers, Rwanda and Global Event Partners and looks to address the need for energy security and access across the region. Through promoting an enabling environment and helping to forge strong partnerships between the private sector and public sector AEA will also look to cover key areas for decarbonisation in the fight against climate change such as energy efficiency, electrification, renewables, hydrogen and hydrogen-based fuels, bioenergy and carbon capture, utilisation, and storage.

GEP has one of the leading oil and gas portfolios on the continent and understand that in many African countries fossil fuel production is hugely important for government funding. In some places it is the key to fiscal stability. AEA will look to address how countries can balance clear economic necessity with the green recovery mantra and commitments to climate action.

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