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The World Hydrogen Series is a unique one-stop platform created to explore the great opportunities that green hydrogen represents, and how countries are emerging in this new market, developing its vast uses and applications in different industries as the fuel that will guide the world on the path to net-zero emissions.

Green hydrogen is finally ready to play its essential role as the fuel to decarbonise the economies, not only in the energy sector, but in all the industries it can be successfully utilised. By the end of 2020, nearly 20 countries had announced their hydrogen strategies as the path to achieve the ambitious global climate goal of holding the global rise in average temperatures below 2°C. More countries are expected to join this trend in the upcoming years.

Latin America has great opportunities to become a world leader in the production of green hydrogen, thanks to the exceptional conditions and resources the region is endowed with: sun, wind and water in abundance. The countries, together, could be key contributors to the global goal of achieving low-carbon economies, producing green hydrogen at highly competitive prices in the international market.

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