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The Venezuelan Energy, Oil & Gas - Virtual Summit looks to support the rebirth of the Venezuelan oil & gas industry and power the economic recovery of one of the world’s leading oil and gas sectors. In partnership with the leading oil & gas chamber in Venezuela the summit looks at how to recover and modernise the country’s oil production, project pipelines and opportunities, reviewing refineries, facilities and other critical infrastructure to boost oil production and the new role of gas. Key topics around new hydrocarbon laws, taxes and royalties and foreign exchange and fiscal considerations of the sanctions will also be examined alongside the back drop of a world in transition and emerging from a pandemic.

With global interest focused on the region again due to the hydrocarbon discoveries offshore Guyana and Suriname now is the time for Venezuela to re-ignite it’s hydrocarbons sector as a road to economic recovery and the subsequent energy transition that will be required. Given the shared resource base from Brazil in the East to Colombia in the West perhaps now is the time for a new approach to regional co-operation and a new regional paradigm for a united voice on the world stage.

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